Friday, April 28, 2017
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2010 Season Report

Dear Committee Members and fellow Wakeboarders

With the 2009 season behind us and the 2010 season on the horizon it was decided we needed to find venues closer to the city. By changing our strate gy and bringing wakeboarding back to the people we hoped to increase the numbers of entrants and spectators. The 2010 season would consist of three stops, Ski World- Benoni, Germiston Aquatic and the Open back at the Milnerton Aquatic Club-Cape Town. ...Read More

23-24 January - Ski World, Benoni hosted the first stop of the 2010 South African Wakeboard Pro Tour. 41 riders entered, of which we had about 8 new riders from Bloemfontein and a surprise entrant form Nick Davies the current Cable World Champion. What was exciting was the large group of novices and the ladies who had 6 riders. The event as a whole was a great success.

20-21 February - Germiston Aquatic Club, Germiston Lake would be our next venue, hosting the second stop of our Pro Wakeboard Tour. 42 riders entered 16 Novices “Wow” and some new faces from Middelburg. Due to the large number of entrants we decided to reopen the Open Men’s Division with great success. Graham Hartly and his team really put together an amazing event with everything for everyone.

23-25 April – Milnerton Aquatic Club, Cape Town would once again host the SA Open. With a total of 60 riders and 7 divisions, the Open was once again gearing up to be a fantastic event. We decided to drop the novice division due to the large number of entrants and with the prestige that comes with riding in the SA Open. One of the challengers we are faced with holding an event at Riet Vlei is the wind. Our only shelter from the prevailing wind is the bank on the far side of the Vlei which falls within the boundaries of the National Park. This limits parking for spectators along with a whole lot of other obstacles that need to be overcome. Mark Burton-Moore, Tich Mitchell and Ross Painter always rise up to this challenge with a smile and ensure that every Cape Town event is a great success.

We were asked to send a team to Namibia for a demo/trial for incorporating Wakeboarding into the African Games. The feedback that was received from the riders and judges about the event was that it was well organised and a great success.

Reflecting on the year, I believe that we as Wakeboarders are slowly starting to change Wakeboarding in South Africa. We are starting to realise that if this sport we love so dearly is to grow, we as Wakeboarders need to become ambassadors for the sport. We need to look after the sponsors and the novices ensuring we portray an inviting atmosphere for all at the events.

I would like to thank the Federation and SASCOC on behalf of the SAWBA for everything they have done for Wakeboarding in South Africa as well as the following sponsors, who without them none of the events would be possible.

Thank you.

  • Red Bull. (Luke Bartmann)
  • Mastercraft Boats.
  • Broderick Sports. (Mike Friedman)
  • Liquid Force. (Kyle Holtzhauzen)
  • Ski World. ( Mike Shead)
  • Carl Krause.
  • The Durham’s.
  • Obrien Water Sports South Africa. (Graham Hartly)
  • Germiston Aquatic Club.
  • Premier Auto Germiston, General Motors.
  • Leisure Boating Magazine.
  • Super Sport.
  • Germiston City News.
  • Milnerton Aquatic Club.
  • Sport Unlimited. (Mark Burton-Moore)
  • Oakley.
  • SA Float.
Darryn Ridgway
Chairman (SAWBA)




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